CHRISTOPHER PAYNE, MAV '13, EXIT/SOUND, Solo Exhibition at PDA Projects

January 8th - February 7th 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday January 8th 6-10pm

Christopher Payne is a Calgary based media artist. He holds a BFA from Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University, and an MFA from the University of Ottawa. He has exhibited and performed work in Gatineau, Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Belgium, and Poland. Payne is currently the co-director of EM/MEDIA Gallery and Production Society an artist run centre in Calgary, Alberta.

About Exit / Sound

Taken from the faded text of an emergency exit door, Exit / Sound serves as a departure point for a “line of flight” exploring the interrelationship of sound, light, image and movement. Christopher Payne, having recently moved across the country, has been considering how his work has changed, or the ways in which earlier work changes with his newfound home in Western Canada. Exit / Sound is like a resonance chamber as older works change with new experience, and new experiences and techniques find reflection in old ideas and concerns.

Payne's artwork is about “cinema” as a moving image, though not necessarily a photographic one. If "cinema" is not just about the photograph or picture, it becomes more about the experience of movement and dynamic interactions. The essence of cinema is experiential; it offers a frame of reference positioning an object in space and time that can be created in other ways than something to see on a screen or wall.

The individual works in Exit / Sound explore the "offscreen" elements of cinema, which are not seen directly, but are present nevertheless. Payne examines this dynamic change of objects and actions through sound, light, or even the atmosphere of the space. Through his practice he studies movement by creating “movies”- not for a screen but in, around, and about spaces.


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