Congratulations to Celina Jeffery!

Congratulations to Professor Celina Jeffery on being awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant (2015) for her curatorial research project, Ephemeral Coast.

Ephemeral Coast is a curatorial research project that seeks to investigate our difficult relationship to the coast as a threshold and frontline to climate change. The project identifies the coastline as a site and indicator of the radical shifts in geography literally taking place now and utilizes the fundamentally trans-disciplinary and collaborative nature of curating to bring awareness to these fragile and temporal spaces to a wide range of cultural, academic and public communities.

Ephemeral Coast involves the curation of exhibitions, located in coastal regions internationally and is made up primarily of artists, cultural theorists and climate change scientists. Here, curation is considered a creative process, a research methodology, and a critical strategy that has the capacity to transgress the disciplinary boundaries of art, curating, art history, geography, and science. This research project addresses how the process itself may offer a unique opportunity to re-frame the cultural and ethical discourses surrounding climate change. Collectively, these exhibitions, their associated publications and events will provide networks to consider new ways of configuring culture and meaning into experiences of environmental change.