JESSICA BELL, MFA '15, and MILES RUFELDS BFA '15, SHOW.15, Idea Exchange


Exhibition: July 11 – August 29
Joint Friday Night ART Live Summer Party: Friday, July 17, 7:00pm with Here and Now: The Art of Gary Taxali, Design at Riverside
Idea Exchange | Queen’s Square, 1 North Square, Cambridge, ON

Now in its 6th year, SHOW.15 brings together emerging artists from across Ontario whose works, processes and preoccupations are the newest and latest in the ever-changing world of contemporary art. The exhibition is exclusively dedicated to those new on the scene, and gives a necessary and well deserved voice to the most ambitious and dedicated.

Selected from an open call for submissions, the 15 artists chosen for SHOW.15 shed light on what’s happening today and what Ontario will have to offer to the world of contemporary art in the coming years. It is a clear marker of the pulse of the current art scene in its broadest terms.

Franco Arcieri (Toronto, ON)
Jessica Bell (Ottawa, ON)
Danièle Dennis (Toronto, ON)
Samuel de Lange (Toronto, ON)
Juliane Foronda (Toronto, ON)
David Hanes (Toronto, ON)
Monika Hauck (Guelph, ON)
Stefan Herda (Toronto, ON)
Daniel Griffin Hunt (Toronto, ON)
Nicole Levaque (Hamilton, ON)
Kristine Mifsud (Toronto, ON)
Tegan Moore (London, ON)
Jasmine Reimer (Guelph, ON)
Miles Rufelds (Ottawa, ON)
Polina Teif (Toronto, ON)

Curated by Iga Janik