Pink Lake Mica III  (detail) Cold Wax Medium, Oil, and Raw Pigments on Canvas, 8x5 feet, 2016
Pink Lake Mica III (detail) Cold Wax Medium, Oil, and Raw Pigments on Canvas, 8x5 feet, 2016

GILLIAN KING, MFA '16, Thesis Exhibition, Becoming Animal, OAG

Exhibition: August 19th - September 25th, 2016
Vernissage: Thursday August 18th-  6pm
Ottawa Art Gallery

In Becoming Animal, Gillian King explores our relationships as human animals towards non-human animals and the natural world through abstract painting. Human animals have changed the natural landscape to a point where we have entered into a new epoch - the Anthropocene. Unlike other epochs, the Anthropocene began by our actions and influence on the natural environment. The resulting fallout from our ability to change the landscape of the world has affected how we interact other living beings. To address these environmental issues visually, King uses her hands and nails to move and throw beeswax, charcoal, and natural and artificial raw pigments onto human-scale canvases. The traces left by her body are reminiscent of non-human animals clawing or digging and act as a kind of symbolic mapping of a relatable body. She invites viewers to consider their own physical engagement with our landscape and other animals through the haptic or sense of touch. From afar her gestural marks give a photographic illusion. Up close the viewer is able to experience their physical relief that is akin to a topographic terrain. King sees this opposition between what is perceived and what is the case is important to her practice because exploring the actions between human animal and non-human animal bodies means to question how we look at, and act, within the natural world. Becoming Animal is King’s University of Ottawa Masters of Fine Arts thesis exhibition. 

We're happy to announce that the OAG has extended the run of Gillian King's thesis exhibition, it will be up until the end of day September 25th!