ANNIE THIBAULT (MFA '16), Solo Exhibition, La chambre des cultures, foraging in time and space, CUAG

Curated by Heather Anderson
11 September – 03 December 2017

Returning to the lab as a site for artistic research and experimentation, Annie Thibault is artist-in-residence in a pilot project hosted by CUAG and the Department of Biology. With the collaboration of Dr. Myron Smith, Associate Professor in the Department of Biology, Thibault is cultivating Armillaria and several other basidiomycota (filamentous fungi composed of hyphae). Where Thibault has worked previously with mushrooms—the fruiting bodies of fungi—in this project she cultivates the organism’s fascinating underground mycelium network through which it shares information and nutrients. Continuing her work in drawing, video and installation, and merging exhibition, lab and studio, Thibault is working with this living organism as agent and material.