JULIA MARTIN,  You look how I feel , photographs, inkjet prints, 30x40" each

JULIA MARTIN, You look how I feel, photographs, inkjet prints, 30x40" each

JULIA MARTIN + ANNE MARIE DUMOUCHEL (MFA's 15/16), Group Exhibition, Continuum at Karsh-Masson Gallery

Continuum: Karsh Award artists welcome a new generation
Curator: Melissa Rombout

September 14 to October 22, 2017
Vernissage: Thursday, September 14, 5:30 to 7:30 pm
Tour with the curator: Sunday, September 24, 2 pm

Artists: Joi T. Arcand, AM Dumouchel, Leslie Hossack, Olivia Johnston, Julia Martin, Meryl McMaster and Ruth Steinberg

This special exhibition honours the artistic legacy of Yousuf and Malak Karsh while continuing an intergenerational chain of mentorship that fosters camera-based innovation.

Catalogue excerpt

Continuum is a project based on connecting many moments in time. It was conceived as a way to celebrate a new wave of emerging Ottawa artists during Canada’s sesquicentennial year. Recipients of the City of Ottawa’s prestigious Karsh Award were invited to choose a local Ottawa artist working with photography as a medium, a relative newcomer to stand in the spotlight.

The Karsh photographers, innovators stylistically, gracious in comportment and masters of film-based photography, would no doubt be astonished and delighted by the myriad of camera-based practices in this exhibition, and their roles as progenitors of a chain of connection radiating outward. These common threads of welcome entwine here.

- Excerpt from the essay by Melissa Rombout