A CRIMP IN THE FABRIC: Situating Painting Today, two-day Symposium on Painting taking place Vancouver, featuring JINNY YU, Professor of Painting

Painting has been an object of pleasure, debate and commerce for centuries. Recently it has been the subject of much critical writing, several major publications, provocative exhibitions, and international symposia. While painting in Vancouver has always been aware and informed, and a part of current debates nationally and globally, the symposium organizers feel that there is a real need now, from the position of Vancouver, for a platform and venue to reflect upon and contribute to the knowledge and wisdom of current international painting practices.

The symposium is an opportunity for artists, writers, curators, students, educators and thinkers to come together, and question the relevance and importance of painting today. It will be an opportunity to listen to and discuss issues arising from various and diverse artistic positions represented by panelists, in the context of the many concurrent painting exhibitions occurring throughout Vancouver.

Beginning with an evening lecture by the internationally prominent keynote speaker, Isabelle Graw, who will situate a particular set of questions regarding contemporary painting, on the following day there will be four panel discussions, each one dealing with a different question in painting and its praxis with opportunities for the audience to engage in question periods.

This symposium is a timely opportunity to stage a public and academically driven discussion on painting today. In addition to the exhibition Entangled: Two Views on Contemporary Canadian Painting at the Vancouver Art Gallery opening at the time of the symposium, a citywide set of exhibitions about painting will also take place in public and commercial galleries in the autumn of 2017.

In the Studio: Painting as Thinking; Painting as Conversation
Jessica Groome
Sandra Meigs
Jinny Yu
Alison Shields

In this conversation, painters think out loud about their creative processes and the relationship between thinking and making through studio work. By discussing the process of making in the studio the presenters will reflect on what the now commonly used phrase “thinking through making” means for them. In talking about the process of painting, the artists reflect on their approaches to materials, shifts in practice over time and painting as a means of engaging with personal, social and political ideas. Moderated by artist and educator Alison Shields, this discussion arises from her doctoral research, in which Shields traveled cross-Canada interviewing over 125 painters in their studios.

JINNY YU's ’s practice is an inquiry into the medium of painting as a means of trying to understand the world around us. Her work presented during the 56th Venice Biennale addresses important themes about migration, which resonate with larger political concerns globally. She will discuss how, in her studio practice, she challenges the materials and formats of painting. Yu works simultaneously to scrutinize conventions and to explore new possibilities within the medium, oscillating between the fields of the abstract painting and the object. Yu brings a different regional and international perspective on painting from the other panelists who all have strong ties to West Coast painting discourse. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Yu studied at Concordia University (BFA) and York University (MFA/MBA) and is an Associate Professor of Painting at the University of Ottawa.  Her work has been shown widely, including exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, UK and USA.