Jennifer Macklem, Professor of Sculpture, They were still there the last time, Exhibition at Galerie Eric Devlin, Montréal

October 13 octobre – 10 Nov, 2018     
Vernissage – 13 Oct, 14h – 17h
550 Rue Beaumont,
(coin de Querbes)

They were still there last time

Is vulnerability resistance or weakness?

Creatures in their shrinking, drying moistness - they are signaling their calling, vocalizing utterances for human ears to receive.

Absence - potential, inferred, actual - can be a hollowing out. Not only are they absent from the green or white or wet spaces of their surrounds, they are gone from inside of us, in that hole inside the chest. Those spaces – shot through with glimmering light, reflections doubling over into darkness – what remains?  They were, not long ago, thriving and alert. It's not just memory and the way it fades, it is the sore and raw hollowing out of loss.

Back in the urban world, too much alcohol, materialism and tech-addled attention deficits fray the spirit, layering it with resentment. It treads a weary stomp-circle of blame. We think we are smart and know what is going on. The silver snout of that furry mammal sending electrical impulses to her brain, while her eyes flash and the body vanishes. Translucent wings at the threshold of disappearance, from a multitude to a few to none.

Viewers, the mechanisms of display, reception, discursive dissemination, the production of knowledge, the striations of networking, exclusion: the art world. My human eyes glaze over at the total colonization of wildness via these knowledge systems; a maze of human intrigue, mirrors on all sides.